Craft Fair Goes on the Road!

Although we’ve been putting on a craft fair at our own property in Central Texas for over 20 years now, we’ve never taken it elsewhere. This past year we were asked to come to Mississippi and Idaho and “bring our fair”! We are excited about this opportunity to meet new people, and to share with others our crafts and even a little taste of our popular classes on sustainable crafts and agriculture. Please click on the “Events” tab above or go to for more information on these fairs.

4 thoughts on “Craft Fair Goes on the Road!

  1. Doug Pardue

    I attended the Hattiesburg, MS Heritage Festival Fair today, and it was wonderful. I saw many new things and met some of your great people. I would recommend anyone attend these Fairs wherever they can. Bring the kids too. There were many children there today and all of them looked to be having a great time! Hope you can come back again next year and for many years to come!

  2. James Cooper

    Thank you all for coming to Hattiesburg……….it was the highlight of our summer so far – we appreciate you taking the time to come and teach us some new skills and we will be enjoying our jams and jellies for weeks to come.

  3. Sarah Nathan

    Please consider bringing your Fair to Louisiana. We have alot of farmers in the Central Parts of Louisiana. There is a Pecan Festival every year in October. They have booths of arts and crafts, woodworking, sugar cane mill, old fashioned items, and lots of other things. There are many people that attend festivals like these, however, the festivals sometimes get a bit out of control due to the alcohol that is normally allowed during these events. It would be so refreshing to have one of your Heritage Fairs as a healthy and clean alternative to what is generally offered.

  4. admin Post author

    We have no plans to come there at this point but would definitely consider it if there was enough interest. Let us know if you or anyone you know is interested in trying to promote an event of this sort in your area. Thanks for your inquiry!

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