Lie-Nielsen Show — Houston

The Heritage School of Woodworking will be at the Lie-Nielsen Show in Houston this weekend. (Friday & Saturday) Information about the show can be found at I will be using hand-tools to create various joints such as the houndstooth dovetail and variations on that, a five point Texas star using contrasting woods and demonstrating the […]

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Cedar Strip Canoe 6

We had a great foundation class last week, with 13 student for 6 days. It was the first foundation class of the year, and a wonderful way to start the new school year. Here is the last post about the canoe I built last year, it does’t have much written information, but I at least wanted […]

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Cedar Strip Canoe 5

Happy Holidays!! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Here at the school, we have been upgrading the class room and preparing for the classes next year. Thanks in large part to a generous donation from a repeat student and friend, we were able to buy 6 new Lie-Nielsen 4 1/2 smoothing planes and 10 […]

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Cedar Strip Canoe 4

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving weekend. We have been extremely busy preparing for then hosting our 29th annual fair. We had just over 16,000 people for the weekend and just barely survived! Anyway now that I have a little more time, I want to post another step in building the canoe. After cutting […]

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Cedar Strip Canoe 3

We had a great foundation class last week with 14 students. I want to thank all of you who attended and look forward to seeing you again soon. One of the great things about teaching, is seeing the marked improvement by the end of six days in the students confidence and ability. Here is another […]

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