Gain the knowledge and skills that you’ll need to establish your own homestead. Our classes include discussions on planning and design, how to evaluate land, organic gardening, orchards, raising chickens and other poultry, raising dairy animals, fencing and other topics.

  • 3-day garden
    Homesteading Course 3-day

    This is an intensive course designed to help you design and develop your sustainable homestead. It provides a combination of lectures, seminars and hands-on workshops on organic gardening, orchards, vineyards, poultry, beekeeping, culinary herbs, dairy animals, water supply, and fencing, barns and sheds.

  • 3-day garden
    Intensive 5-day Homesteading Course

    In addition to everything we cover in the three-day course, we’ve added more hands-on activities and demonstrations. We’ll cover in greater detail important topics such as: soils, gardening, poultry, grazing animals and fencing. And we’ll devote more time to homestead planning and design.