Organic Gardening

As recently as the 1940’s, Americans produced over 50% of their vegetables in their own family gardens. By returning to this pattern, you can have a safer, more nutritious and sustainable supply of food.

Our comprehensive Homestead Gardening class is offered on three levels and can be taken as separate one-day workshops or as a combined three-day course. In this course, we provide you with the essential knowledge that will enable you to begin sustainably raising a substantial portion of your family’s food. In addition to the Homestead Gardening course, we also offer a workshop on growing culinary herbs.

  • herbs
    Growing Culinary Herbs
    Learn to plant, care for and preserve eight different culinary herbs.
  • compost
    Homestead Garden I
    In this class, you will learn about foundational organic gardening concepts and principles, soil and soil fertility, compost, growing beds, watering, pest control and more.
  • transplants
    Homestead Garden II
    This is the second class in our Homestead Garden series. In it you will learn about garden planning, recordkeeping, crop spacing and crop rotations, cover crops, seed starting, transplanting, season extension and crop protection.
    Prerequisite: Homestead Garden I
  • garden01
    Homestead Garden III
    The final class in our Homestead Garden series, covers seed saving, companion planting, greenhouse design and year-round gardening.
    Prerequisite: Homestead Garden II