Pottery, was traditionally considered an essential village craft. Often, one potter would supply his village with all of the crockery and dinnerware they needed, or in regions where there were abundant natural resources, several potters, together, would supply pots to the surrounding region and beyond.

In our series of pottery classes, you will learn how to form pots on the potter’s wheel. As you progress through these classes, you will learn the basics of pottery, along with seven shaping techniques that will enable you to make a wide variety of pots. Once you’ve completed our pottery course, you will have the basic skills to continue practicing pottery in your own studio.

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    Pottery I: An Introduction
    In this one-day course, you will learn the basic skills and techniques of wheel-thrown pottery. Prepare clay, and then shape it on the wheel! This class includes an overview of types of clay and how to prepare it for use.
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    Pottery II: Basic Shaping Techniques (3-day)
    This class is a great way to continue learning the art and craft of making pots on the wheel. We’ll teach you how to make a mug, a bowl and a vase. We’ll also introduce you to making and applying handles. Perhaps more importantly, you will learn the first three of eight shaping techniques that are used to shape almost any piece of wheel-thrown pottery.
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    Pottery III: More Basic Shaping Techniques (6-day)
    Continue to broaden and improve your pottery skills in this six-day intensive workshop, where you’ll learn five more shaping techniques.  In the class, you’ll make a pitcher, lidded jar, soap dish, salad plate and an oil lamp. Also taught are techniques for mixing and applying glazes and for using the pottery kiln.
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    Pottery: Studio Time
    Come spend 6 hours a week for 12 weeks in our studio using our equipment, practicing the skills learned in Pottery Basics II and III with one of our instructors present to help you. Please call the Potter’s House (254) 754-9656 to set up an appointment.