Making Woodworking Tools and Workbenches

One of the most rewarding woodworking projects you could embark on is making the tools that you will use in your everyday work to build furniture with. Some of our most treasured tools are the tools that we have built ourselves. When you invest time and care into crafting and shaping a tool just for the job, there is a bond that is formed between you and your tools.

  • Workbench_1
    European-Style Workbench (10-day)
    Build a European-style workbench with a quick-release front vise and a wagon-style tail vise. The overall size of the bench is 7 feet long, 36″ tall and 30″ wide.
  • jonathan
    Roubo Workbench (10-day)
    Build a hardmaple Split Top Roubo workbench in this class. The overall size of the bench is 36″ tall, 26″ wide, and 7 feet long.
  • hand planes
    Tool Making (5-day)
    In order to further advance your hand-tool skills, we are offering this special 5-day Tool-Making workshop where you will make some very useful woodworking tools. In this workshop, you will make six tools: a mallet, dovetail marker, sharpening strop, cutting gauge, spokeshave and marking knife.
  • Toolboxshowingjoinery1
    Traveling Tool Box (6-day)
    Good tools deserve a good home, and a good tool box often reflects the care and concern of the craftsman. The project that you’ll make in this class is an alder toolbox, held together with traditional, hand-cut joinery.