Our Sponsors

We give our sincere thank you to all the sponsors and supporters of The Ploughshare Institute for Sustainable Culture.

The Ploughshare’s mission is to help build, support and sustain resilient and caring people, families and communities, particularly by rediscovering, practicing and teaching traditional, heirloom skills.

Our sponsors help provide the resources, classrooms and equipment that make The Ploughshare’s mission possible.

With the support of the sponsoring organizations listed below and individual contributors, The Ploughshare:

  • has provided over 11,000 classes to students from all across the United States and from several foreign countries;
  • offers over 120 courses throughout the year at our central Texas campus;
  • offers a variety of online video courses to teach essential craft and homesteading skills.

Click the logos below to visit our sponsors’ websites and learn more about the organizations that make our mission possible.


Heritage Restorations
Heritage Restorations
(877) 354-2276


Brazos Family Dentistry
Brazos Family Dentistry
(254) 799-5746


Brazos Walking Sticks (800) 581-4352
Brazos Walking Sticks
(800) 581-4352


Tradesman Services, Ltd.
Tradesman Services, Ltd.
Plumbing • AC • Heat • Geothermal
(254) 829-0052


Craftsmen Shutter Shop
Craftsmen Shutter Shop
(800) 738-8823


Complete Home Maintenance
Complete Home Maintenance
(254) 716-4724


Rainstat Water Management
Rainstat Water Management
Irrigation • Backflow • Drainage
(254) 829-3800


The Pecan Tree Inn
The Pecan Tree Inn
(254) 723-8539
Post Oak RV Park and Cabins RV Sites - Cabins www.postoakrvpark.com
Post Oak RV Park and Cabins
RV Sites • Cabins