Student Comments


For the past 20 years The Heritage School of Woodworking has taught over 4,000 students, from all walks of life and from around the world, the joy and simplicity of working wood with hand tools.  Here are a few comments from our students:

 I want to take a moment to express my appreciation for the foundational joinery course I attended in April 2014. Bottom line, I think this is the best hand tool woodworking school in the country. I have taken numerous classes from prestigious ones up east and this is the best. Why? The woodshop and the tools that are provided are excellent. The total environment is inspiring. And best of all, the instructors are first class. They know their craft and have excellent skills but they are also able to transfer that knowledge to all levels of students. I’ve had instructors in the past that are a bit on the arrogant side and this made them a little unapproachable. The instructors at this school are very approachable and even humble and respectful to all the students. For those people just thinking about taking up woodworking, take this course before you go out and buy all the power tools. You’ll be happy you did. I’m looking forward to taking the Brazos Rocker Chair Class in June.

B. K. | a woodworking student

The course was great, and the instructors are second to none. I look forward to attending other woodworking courses.

E.S. | a woodworking student

This was absolutely incredible!! By far the most amazing course on woodworking I’ve taken. The teaching was excellent. Tools were great, environment was phenomenal. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Frank and Stan were awesome. Countless times both Frank and Stan were willing to help me with tools, wood, or even general questions about woodworking. I will DEFINITELY be back in the future. I’m already saving up for another class asap. I truly feel that with what I learned I am able to have the basics for what I will need to grow in the fundamentals of woodworking. Not only that but really grew in my skills, personal confidence, and honestly put a permanent desire in me to pursue this craft. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

L.H. | a woodworking student

Just wanted you all to know we had one of the best weeks we have ever experienced. Thank you both and all the folks that made our time there great. You both blessed us with your knowledge and skills. Thanks for sharing them with us.

G.U. | a woodworking student

My experience at [The] Heritage School of Woodworking (6-day) foundational course was one of the most positive experiences I have had in my life. Frank Strazza is a very gifted craftsman, artisan and teacher. Jonathan [Schwennesen] and Mark Borman were superb in their assistance, too. I have no doubt, had I this sort of instruction and experience in the years of my youth, I would have had a lifetime of woodworking enjoyment.

A happy chair owner

For me your school was a very positive, practical learning experience, and I hope to return at a later date to take more classes that will be useful in teaching me a further progression of woodworking skills. Already daily, I see so many applications from what I learned in the 6-day foundational course I completed.

I have always had the basic conviction there are two kinds of teachers:

1. Those who want to impress you with all they know (or think they know academically) and who want to make their students feel stupid. Their goal being to inflate their own false self ego.

2. Those who genuinely teach with the desire to raise their students to a higher level, greater degree of understanding and experience; they inspire their students to do better, making learning fun.

Frank Strazza is definitely of the latter class, teaching, but also inspiring his students to excel. He made learning so much fun, because he was totally vested in raising each of the students in my class to a higher level of understanding and practical application. He very wisely imparts knowledge, with experience and practical application. It was sheer delight to be a student of a master.

L.S. | a woodworking student

Your classes have given me skill I never had. Life has been enriched.

J.P. | a woodworking student

My experience at the woodworking class was phenomenal!! I signed up for the class knowing nothing about woodworking and the tools, but wanted to see if it would be something I would enjoy for a hobby. I now have tools, a workbench and the confidence to build something. Frank and Jonathan are amazing teachers! They are so knowledgeable and yet have the patience to work with beginners. The classes were very educational and they made sure we had fun also, never letting us get too frustrated. I’m actually amazed at how much I learned in a week! I have told others of the classes you offer and will definitely be signing up for more classes myself.

The food was great and everyone was so kind! Thank you for a wonderful experience!

K.P. | a woodworking student

My experience could not have been better. The instructors, the course layout, the material covered, the facilities, everything was better than I expected. I had expected to be working in pine as a wood for our projects. I did not expect, even as the material was distributed, to be working with walnut. I finished about 4:00 pm on Saturday, but I did not want to leave. I was waiting for the next project. Finally, I left at about 5:00 pm. Thank you and your staff for offering this opportunity to take this class. I would recommend this to everyone.

T.C. | a woodworking student