Ploughshare Blacksmithing Teacher to Attend Training at Gransfors in Sweden

Caleb Nolen, Ploughshare Blacksmithing Teacher

Caleb Nolen, Ploughshare’s blacksmithing teacher is planning a trip to northern Sweden to attend training at Gransfors Bruks. Gransfors makes hand forged axes using traditional blacksmithing methods and is well known for the quality of their axes. Gransfors was founded in 1902 and is family owned.

Caleb will be attending an eight day blacksmithing class that Gransfors offers on tool making and axe forging. The class covers tool forging, forge welding technique, and forging of the axe. This is an excellent opportunity for Caleb to expand and strengthen his blacksmithing, tool making, and axe making skills by learning from some of the best axe makers in the world.

Caleb is developing tool making classes and curriculum for Ploughshare and will incorporate his new skills and knowledge into these new classes so that others can also benefit.


2 thoughts on “Ploughshare Blacksmithing Teacher to Attend Training at Gransfors in Sweden

  1. Terry L. Blose

    I’m looking forward to hearing about your trip. I’m also anxiously awaiting the classes on tool making.

    1. Caleb


      Thank you. The class is in mid-July, and we will be posting to let everyone know how it goes. We are very excited about it, as the class will cover some things that we’ve wanted to learn for a long time. We’re looking forward to sharing it with you all, maybe this fall. I am currently developing a class on making tongs and will have that available soon. It is always good to hear from you. — Caleb

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