Video Courses

Basics of Joinery — Three Joints

10 videos

Three basic joints– the dado, dovetail and mortise and tenon–lay the foundation for all wood joinery. Learn these three well and you will be able to build just about anything out of wood.


Beginning Machine Sewing

19 videos

In this course Cindy Owen and Crissa Lancaster will give you a solid foundation in sewing with a machine.


Building a Cold Frame

Extend your growing season, start your seedlings in the spring, grow fresh vegetables throughout the winter and much more with a cold frame! Jake will show you how to build your own cold frame in 30 minutes with just a few hand tools.


Cold Process Lye Bars

Learn how to make your own natural glycerin soap. Robin will guide you through the steps to make a small batch using the cold process method.


Dovetailed Candle Box

6 videos

In this course, Frank Strazza will show you how to put your newly-learned dovetail making skill to use in an actual project–a simple dovetailed box with a hinged lid.


From a Log to a Spoon

5 videos

In From a Log to a Spoon, Frank Strazza will show you how to make a Swedish-Style Spoon starting with a log straight from the woods or from the firewood pile.


General Purpose Tongs

A blacksmith can never have too many tongs! Caleb will show you how to make a solid set of general purpose blacksmith’s tongs.


Harnessing a Draft Animal

Kurt will show you the basic parts of the work harness and, along with Buffy and Skeeter, our draft mules, will teach you how to harness your horse or mule team.

Animal Husbandry

Harvesting Honey

Sweet, golden honey is the reward for a job well-done in maintaining your bees.


Hot Process Lye Bars

Learn how to make your own natural glycerin soap. Robin will guide you through the steps to make a small batch using the hot process method.


Sharpening Hand Tools

11 videos

Few things determine your success as a fine, hand tool woodworker more than the sharpness of your tools.


Making a Pinch Pot

In this video, Jenni shows you how to make a simple pinch pot.


Market Basket

Martha May will take you step by step through the simple process of making your own general purpose market basket.


Mozzarella Cheese

Cheese—makes you smile when you say it and when you eat it!


Occasional Table

15 videos

In this extensive and detailed course, Frank will walk you through building a small occasional table out of walnut. When you finish this course, you’ll have the knowledge and skills necessary to build a 4-legged table of any size.


Ricotta Cheese

Learn to make ricotta from fresh milk! Rebekah shows you how.


Getting Started with Beekeeping

6 videos

In Getting Started With Beekeeping, Jacob Klingensmith will give you an understanding of why bees are so important to raising your own food and how they work to pollinate our food crops.


Tapered Sliding Dovetail

The sliding tapered dovetail is a very strong joint that is commonly used in drawer dividers, joining a table top to the legs and more.


Throwing a Cylinder

Jenni will show you the basics of wheel-thrown pottery while making a simple cylinder.


Types of Fuel

Learn more about different types of fuel for your blacksmithing forge.


Wall Shelf

7 videos

In this course, Frank will show you how to build a simple wall shelf using only hand tools.