Building a Wood-Fired Kiln — A Photo Essay

As described in the update on our wood-fired kiln, our new kiln project is nearly complete.  We thought you might enjoy seeing a photo essay of how it was built.

The base of the fireboxes are laid out, along with the first one-and-a-half courses of fire brick.

Base of the fireboxes

Mortaring and constructing the fireboxes.

Mortaring the fireboxes

Setting the hard bricks for the fireboxes.

More setting of hard bricks for the fireboxes:

Setting hard bricks for the fireboxes

The completed fireboxes with the firebox roof in place.

Completed firebox

One of the fire rods. These are made from a ceramic refractory material that last a lot longer than steel pipes. The wood will be fed into the fire on top of these rods.



The inside of the fire box.


Inside the firebox

The flue, where smoke and fumes will exit the kiln. This channel connects the fireboxes to the chimney.

The flue

The first course of bricks for the firing chamber.

The first course of bricks for the firing chamber

Setting the firebrick in place.

Setting the firebrick in place

A view of the firing chamber after several courses of brick have been laid.

Top view of firing chamber

The firing chamber at about one-half its height.

Firing chamber

Laying bricks from the inside and out.

Laying bricks from inside and outside

Some of our helpers.

The firing chamber at its full height, before the roof has been added. The iron frame is being put in place. The bulk of the kiln is constructed using a method called dry-stacking. The bricks are laid so that they interlock, and the iron frame holds it together.

Firing chamber at full-height

Bolting together the frame.

The completed chamber and framework — ready for the roof.

The completed chamber and framework

The free-standing arched roof from the inside.

Inside view of arch

The arched roof from the outside.

Top view of roof

The kiln with roof in place.

Kiln with arched roof in place


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