Learn to Make Pottery

What Pottery Classes Do You Offer?


We offer three classes:

Introductory Class

In our introductory class you’ll learn the basics of how to center a lump of clay on the wheel and how to pull the walls up to make a vessel. In this class, we work on making a cylinder, and we also talk a bit about the history of clay and pottery in general.

Pottery II and III: Basic Shaping Techniques

Pottery Classes

Next, in our Pottery II and Pottery III classes, which together form a nine-day course, we start introducing shaping techniques. You’ll learn a total of seven different shaping techniques in those classes, and once you have learned to do those techniques, you can make almost any pot. There are a few other techniques you would learn later, but those are too advanced for first-year students. In these classes, we also teach a little about glaze mixing and kiln firing.

Pottery instruction

By the end of our two Wheel Throwing Basics classes, you will not be an expert, but you will have a solid understanding of how to do pottery. If you then have a home studio or if you have access to a studio where you can practice what you have learned in those classes, you will be able to go from there and become a potter.

What Size Are Your Classes?

Our maximum class size is seven students. When you are first learning pottery, it’s important to get plenty of hands-on instruction. In all of our classes, we schedule teachers, based on the attendance, so that we will have at most two or three students per teacher.  This allows us to give each student all of the individual instruction he or she will need.

How Can I Register for Your Pottery Classes?

You can register on our website. To see more information about each class and a schedule of when the classes are offered, or to register for a class, click any of the links below:

Where Are You Located?

We are located at: 608 Dry Creek Rd, Waco, TX 76705 (click the address to see a map).

I Have Other Questions. How Can I Contact you?

Our email address is: info@sustainlife.org

You can reach us at: (877)-392-6920 or  (254) 754-9620