Baskets, though often used for decoration today, have for thousands of years served as useful containers, custom-made for the task at hand. There are still many uses for baskets in the home and on the homestead.

In our basket making classes, you will learn how to make three different types of baskets: coiled, ribbed and rectangular spoke-and-weave baskets. Our classes will give you the foundational skills from which you can go on to make a number of different types of baskets from a variety of materials.

  • Egg Basket
    Egg Basket
    Weave a traditional-style egg basket to gather your eggs.
  • Harvest Basket
    Harvest Basket

    Weave a strong durable basket to harvest your produce.

    No prerequisite.

  • Hearth Basket
    Hearth Basket

    Make a beautiful and functional basket to hold kindling on your hearth.

    Prerequisite: Weaving a Market Basket
  • Pine Needle Basket
    Introduction to Pine Needle Basketry
    You don’t need previous basket-making experience to learn how to craft a pine needle basket! You’ll coil locally gathered, long-leaf pine needles around a Texas Mesquite wood base, stitching with waxed linen thread. You’ll take your completed basket home with you at the end of the class.
    No prerequisite.
  • Pine Needle Basket with Walnuts
    Pine Needle Basket with Walnuts

    This class will teach you how to stitch black walnut slices into your Pine Needle Baskets.

  • Potato Basket
    Ribbed Potato Basket

    Learn to weave a Ribbed Potato Basket with side handles.

    Prerequisite: Egg Basket
  • Shaker Cathead Basket
    Shaker-Style Cathead Basket

    Cathead Baskets were designed by the Shakers to hold produce.  This basket sits on its corners, allowing air to flow underneath the basket so that your produce gets air.

    Prerequisite: Weaving a Market Basket
  • Swirling Star Basket
    Swirling Star Tray Basket
    Take the skills you learned in the Twill Yarn Basket Workshop and learn to weave a star in the base of this twill basket.
    Prerequisite: Twill Yarn Basket
  • Yarn Basket
    Twill Yarn Basket

    Learn the basic steps for making a Twill Yarn Basket.

    No prerequisite.

  • Market Basket
    Weaving a Market Basket
    Learn how to do basic spoke-and-weave basketry, with step-by-step instructions that covers material preparation, measuring, lashing, finishing and more.No prerequisite.
  • Melon Basket
    Weaving a Ribbed Melon Basket
    Make a beautiful and strong round-bottom basket using hoop construction and 4-point lashing.No prerequisite.