Blacksmithing has played a vital role in community life in this country since its beginning. The blacksmith’s shop was among the first shops established in new villages, and every town had at least one. Not only did the smith keep the horses shod, but he also built the hardware (including the nails) for houses and barns, the buckles and clasps for harnesses, cooking utensils and pot-cranes for the kitchen, shovels and hoes for field work, along with axes, mattocks, and knives.

While today these things are mass-produced, the fulfillment and satisfaction of producing your own ironwork is well-worth the effort and will result in practical items that will last for centuries.

In our blacksmithing classes, you will learn techniques that will enable you to make an endless variety of useful and beautiful items for your home and shop. We use specific projects to teach the skills, and you will quickly find that by using those same skills in other variations, you can make many other practical projects.

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    Blacksmithing I
    This one-day, hands-on class is a great introduction to blacksmithing. You’ll learn about the equipment and tools needed for basic forging and how to light and maintain a coal fire in the forge. You’ll learn to develop proper hammer technique and control as well. During the class, you’ll make a handsome three-hook wall rack that you can use in your home or shop.
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    Blacksmithing II (2-day)
    Take this course to further your blacksmithing skills and develop confidence and accuracy in your work. We’ll introduce you to forge welding as you build and complete a simple fireplace toolset that includes a poker, shovel and broom, each handle graced with forged ornamental leaves.
    Prerequisite: Blacksmithing I
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    Blacksmithing: Ax Making (6-day)
    Making tools is the heart of iron work from the earliest days. There is nothing quite like using tools that you have made yourself, and an ax is one tool that everyone needs. In this six-day course you will make a medium size hand ax using the traditional methods of laminating a high-carbon steel edge into a low-carbon steel body.
    Prerequisite: Blacksmithing II (2-day)
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    Blacksmithing: Forging Techniques (6-day)
    In this six-day class we will share the methods and tools we have learned from the world-renowned master from Israel, Tsur Sadan. These ways of working not only help to avert injury to the body from repetitious motion and shock but enable the smith to accomplish more in a heat with less effort.
    No Prerequisite
  • tongs
    Blacksmithing: Tongs (2-day)
    This is a two-day class that covers the basic techniques of forging blacksmith’s tongs. Tongs are essential to blacksmithing. We will teach you three different ways to make tongs, as well as explore various jaw styles.
    Prerequisite: Blacksmithing II (2-day)