Even the earliest historical records mention spinning and weaving. All types of woven fabric, from ship sails to the fine linens of Egypt, were hand-spun and hand-woven. For generations, hand spinning (on either a simple drop spindle or a spinning wheel) was a routine activity carried out in the home and in guilds that provided an essential part of life. Today, in places like South America, spinners still use the drop-spindle on a daily basis. Reviving the traditional skill of spinning has allowed us to use cotton, flax and wool from the sheep and alpaca that we have raised, in order to spin thread for weaving on our looms to produce hand-spun and hand-woven clothes. In our classes we teach you how to prepare your fibers and to spin wool, cotton and flax using either a drop spindle, support spindle or a wheel. After each class you will take home the skeins of yarn that you have spun for yourself. In one of our classes, you have the opportunity to spin a skein of wool and then learn how to weave yourself a scarf using your yarn. So you go home with a hand-spun, hand-woven scarf! If you are already a weaver or a knitter, and you learn how to spin, you will be able to spin your own unique yarn to use in your projects.

  • Drop Spindle
    Spinning 100 – Learn to Spin on a Traditional Drop Spindle (1/2-day)

    The drop spindle is a practical, inexpensive and simple tool for spinning fibers. For centuries, most yarn used in woven fabric was spun on simple drop spindles. In this workshop, you will learn to spin using a traditional top-whorl drop spindle.

  • Spinning
    Spinning 101 – Introduction to Spinning on a Wheel

    Try your hand at the ancient craft of spinning natural fibers on a spinning wheel. You will learn how to use wool cards to prepare wool for spinning and how to spin the fibers into a finished yarn. You will also learn how to ply your yarn and make a skein of homespun yarn that you can take home at the end of the class.
    Recommended100 Learn to Spin on a Traditional Drop Spindle

  • Spinning
    Spinning 102 – Basics of Spinning on a Wheel (2-day)

    In this two-day introductory workshop, we review the essential coordination skills and basic techniques that spinners must master to gain beginning level competence in spinning. You’ll learn to prepare your wool using wool cards and 5-pitch English wool combs. You’ll also learn how to develop different sizes and types of yarn . . . .

  • fibercrafts
    Spinning 200 – Spin Cotton on a Tahkli (1/2-day)
    Spinning cotton on a tahkli is simple, efficient and enjoyable. You will learn how to do it, plus take home a hand-made tahkli and some cotton to keep on spinning.
  • fibercrafts
    Spinning 201 – Spin Cotton on a Wheel

    Learn the basics of spinning cotton on a spinning wheel in this one-day intermediate-level class. You will learn how to spin cotton off the seed and how to hand gin your cotton, and then card and spin it.

  • SpinningFlax
    Spinning 202 – Spin Flax on a Wheel

    Learning to spin flax into linen is a very rewarding skill for the intermediate spinner. In this one-day class, we will discuss how to grow and harvest flax, and you will learn how to process flax plants to prepare flax for spinning. You will spin tow, long-line flax and roving with and without a distaff. You will learn to spin the linen yard both  . . . .