Weaving on the Floor Loom

Even the earliest historical records mention weaving. Cloth for clothes and shelter, along with the looms to weave it, has always been essential for man’s survival. The floor loom brought many advantages over our simplest looms in being able to carry yards of warp thread for longer and wider cloth and simplifying the creation of pattern by the combination of threading on multiple shafts, and raising and lowering them with pedals.

The word “art” comes from a root word that refers to the order of warp threads on a loom. In our floor loom classes, you will learn how to order the warp threads on the loom to create plain weave, twills, laces, double-weave and tapestry. It has been said that the possible patterns created by the interlacement of warp and weft threads on a simple 4-shaft loom could not be woven in the weaver’s lifetime.

Our beginning 5-day class is designed not only to introduce you to the necessary basic skills to weave on a floor loom but to reinforce those skills as you progress through the series. We have found that repetition really does help students to retain what they have learned and to have the confidence to undertake new projects at home. After taking this class you will be able to calculate and wind out your warp, dress (thread) your loom, read a weaving draft, calculate how much material you need for a particular project and practice your weaving skills. After this 5-day class you will take home a variegated wool scarf, up to two cotton bouclé dish towels and a twill bamboo scarf. More advanced classes will build upon the skills you learn in the beginning class.

  • Foundational Weaving - Floor Loom 100-101

    In the one-day class you will weave a scarf. This is a good introductory class to see if you’ll like weaving. In the five-day class you will weave a variegated wool scarf, up to two cotton bouclé dish towels and a twill bamboo scarf. After you complete this class, you will be more comfortable with both warping and weaving on a floor loom. No prerequisite for either class

  • fibercrafts
    Floor Loom 201 – Color Study (3-day)

    In this 3-day color study workshop you will learn how to work with a color wheel, then weave a beautiful blanket that will serve as a color reference, as new hues appear row by row.

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    Floor Loom 203 – Acadian Hand Towels and Finishing Techniques (3-day)

    We’ll teach you to weave traditional Acadian designs in this 3-day class. Make a sampler with various finishing techniques, weave cotton fingertip towels, and learn about Acadian history.

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    Floor Loom 204 – Weaving Extravaganza

    The weaver’s dream! For one month we’ll have thirteen different warps and fibers tied up and ready and waiting to be woven. Choose your pattern, choose your time frame and sign up for as many four or eight hour slots as you’d like on our prewarped four- and eight-shaft looms.
    Prerequisite: None

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    Floor Loom 301 – Double Weave – Blanket (3-day)

    Learn to double weave and you will be able to make multiple layers of cloth that can be used for many larger size projects. In this class you will make a variegated wool blanket with a fold on one side, so that it will open up to twice the woven width once you take it off the loom.