Weaving on the Rigid Heddle Loom

Even the earliest historical records mention weaving. Cloth for clothes and shelter, along with the looms to weave it, has always been essential for man’s survival.

It is not necessary to have a very complex loom to weave cloth. Many weavers still use simple looms. The rigid heddle loom is a simple two-harness loom that is inexpensive, easy and fun to use, portable, and very versatile for weaving a wide range of projects including lace and patterned scarves, linen placemats, table runners incorporating finger controlled weaves and finishing techniques, waffle weave dishtowels, shawls, fabric for clothes and more. The goal of our classes is to take you from the very beginning stages of warping and weaving on your loom through more advanced levels where you will learn complex designs, double weaving and tapestry. In the very first class you will go home having woven a multi-colored wool scarf. At this beginning level, we offer a series of half-day classes that will assist you to improve your weaving skills and to learn a variety of patterns including houndstooth, buffalo check, Brook’s bouquet and more. We have found that the repetition provided in these classes really does help students to retain what they have learned and to have the confidence to undertake new and exciting projects.

  • Foundational Weaving Series-100-106

    In this series of classes, you will learn a variety of skills and patterns that you will use to weave attractive scarves. Once you’ve learned these skills and patterns, you will find them useful in weaving other projects such as fabric, shawls, cushions and towels.

  • fibercrafts
    Rigid Heddle 107 – Cotton Bouclé Dish Towel

    In this class you will weave a multi-colored, striped, cotton dish towel using a slub yarn for the weft. You will thread the whole width of your loom.
    This is a full-day class from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

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    Rigid Heddle 200 – Basics of Weaving (2-day)

    In this two-day workshop you will review skills and weaving terminology learned in the beginning rigid heddle class, practice basic weaving skills and complete a 13″ x 26″ table runner. You will also learn how to create patterns using a pick-up stick.

  • fibercrafts
    Rigid Heddle 201 – Finishing Techniques (2-day)

    In our two-day workshop you will warp a loom and make a sampler using a variety of lace weaves and finishing techniques. You’ll also work a runner, using the design of your choice.

    Prerequisite: Rigid Heddle 100 plus one other Rigid Heddle class.

  • fibercrafts
    Rigid Heddle 202 Chenille Scarf (1/2 day)

    In this class you will learn how to work with rayon chenille in order to weave a plaid scarf.

    Prerequisites: Rigid Heddle 100, Rigid Heddle 102 & Rigid Heddle 104

  • fibercrafts
    Rigid Heddle 204 – Waffle Weave Hand Towels

    When you learn to direct warp your loom and double sley the reed you will be able to weave with finer threads. Make beautiful, fine cotton hand towels using a traditional waffle weave.

    Prerequisites: Rigid Heddle 100 & either Rigid Heddle 105 or Rigid Heddle 200

  • yarn
    Rigid Heddle 301 – Variegated Double Weave Blanket (2-day)

    Weave a throw or a baby blanket while you learn how to double weave. When your project comes off the loom it will go from a 17″ width to a 34″ width. With this technique you’ll be able to weave wide pieces of fabric on your rigid hedddle loom.

    Prerequisite: Rigid Heddle 101 and at least one 200 level class.

  • FiberCrafts
    Rigid Heddle 302 – Double Weave Color Study Blanket (2-day)

    Weave the popular color study blanket in double-weave technique on a 25″ rigid heddle loom. We will show you how to thread the color sequence on two rigid heddles and how to weave two layers of blanket  joined at one edge to fold out into a beautiful, full-size (approximately 31″ x  64″)  blanket when cut off the loom and fulled.