Special Interest Woodworking Courses

Come spend a day in our shop while taking a specialty class. We have designed these classes for those who can’t take a lot of time away, but still would like to learn a special aspect in woodworking, from carving to inlay to just honing your skills in joinery such as dovetailing. These courses are a great way to expand your skills in different areas of woodworking.

  • chip_2490
    Chip Carving
    Learn the basics of chip carving, including how to sharpen and hold your knife, proper layout and carving of simple geometric shapes and lettering.
  • woodworking-inlay-2
    Furniture Finishing
    Wood finishing is one of the most important aspects of completing woodworking projects. In this class, you will learn to finsh new furniture, repair scratches and gouges, repair scratches, match stains and woods and apply new protective coats.
  • spoons
    Hand-Carved Wooden Spoons
    Learn to make wooden spoons, spatulas and ladles using simple hand tools.
  • woodTools
    Hand-Cutting Dovetails

    Learn the intricacies of hand-cutting dovetails using traditional hand-tool methods. We’ll begin with simple dovetails and progress through a series of excercises. By the end of the class, you’ll be cutting half-blind dovetails by hand.

  • hand planes
    Handplanes – Their History and Use

    In this hands-on workshop, we cover tuning, sharpening and using traditional bench planes. Our instructors will also demonstrate the use of a variety of handplanes, including shoulder planes, block planes panel-raising planes, low-angle planes and rabbet planes.

  • Relief Carving Class
    Relief Carving (3-day)
    Come join us for a three-day step-by-step, hands on, instructional class to get you over the hump of beginning carving. The skills involved in relief carving three-dimensional projects can be frustrating if you try to learn from a book, and sometimes they are hard to experience even through a video. The joy of seeing your carvings come to life is incredibly gratifying.
  • specialWood
    The Art of Inlay

    Learn how to embellish and enhance your woodworking projects using wood inlay.

    Recommended Prerequisite: Joinery I

  • sharpening
    The Art of Sharpening
    Learn how to sharpen your chisels, planes, saws and scrapers to a razor-sharp edge in this one-day class.
  • joinery1

    Come out and do a tutorial class with us!
    This class is by appointment and the cost is $350.00 a day for the Instruction. Materials fee is separate. Please call (254) 754-9658 to schedule an appointment. (If you get our voice mail please leave a message.)