Pottery Channel

Learning pottery will enable you to make many types of dinnerware and crockery, including plates, mugs, bowls, crocks and variety of other items useful in the home and on the homestead. Learn the basics of pottery through our online pottery courses.

Blacksmithing Channel

The traditional blacksmith has the skills to make many essential items, including tools, such as shovels, hoes, axes and knives, cooking utensils for the kitchen, hardware for the home and farm, along with decorative items. Learn the basic blacksmithing skills with our online videos.

Basketry Channel

Baskets have for millenia served as useful containers, custom made to fit each task at hand. In our online courses, you will learn how to make coiled pine-needle baskets, ribbed melon baskets and rectangular market baskets.

Woodworking Channel

Our community’s woodworkers will teach you how to employ centuries-old skills to produce custom furniture that will last for generations.

Sewing Channel

Learn how to sew on a standard sewing machine. Our online sewing course will take you through the basics of sewing and help you build a strong set of foundational sewing skills.