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The Ploughshare Campus

The Texas campus of The Ploughshare Institute for Sustainable Culture is located approximately five miles north of Waco, Texas and includes the Homestead Craft Village and Cafe Homestead. The campus is situated adjacent to the Homestead Heritage community at Brazos de Dios which includes 510 acres of mixed woodland and arable farmland cultivated by traditional sustainable farming and gardening methods. Four of those acres are designated as The Ploughshare’s teaching and research homestead where we offer workshops and seminars to those wanting to learn homesteading skills. The homestead contains a log cabin, a barn, a greenhouse, a family vegetable and herb garden, an orchard, a vineyard and berry patch, animal pens and corrals, pastures and a larger field that we farm with draft animals. The Ploughshare homestead provides a context for hands-on, interactive learning on a working farm.

Homestead Craft Village

Heritage School of Woodworking The Barn - Gift Shop Heritage Forge Working Homestead Homestead Fiber Crafts Cafe Homestead

Located next to the homestead is the Homestead Craft Village. The Village includes a blacksmith shop, pottery shop, woodworking shop, spinning and weaving shop, retail gift and craft store, cafe, bakery and gristmill. Here our craftsmen and apprentices work daily in the traditional crafts that support our agrarian lifestyle. These craftsmen serve as the instructors and the shops as the classrooms for teaching the crafts and skills offered through The Ploughshare Institute.

Blacksmithing Farm Spinning Woodworking Pottery Sewing