Billie B. Belmont, NC

I don’t have a question but I do have a few comments. THANK YOU! I have made several foundation samplers in which I have practised my sewing. For the first time I am sewing straight seams. The sampler also taught me a lot about my sewing machine.

I have a Brother LS-2125i which is a basic sewing, repair, mending, and craft machine. It only has 10 different pre-set stitches so I adapted the sample to my machine. I learned how they worked using the presser foot guide, very informative. I also learned that my extra bobbin that I had purchased separately does not fit my machine; the bobbin case kept throwing out the thread from the case which caused a mess. I also learned about tension control with different threads, fabrics, and needles. When things weren't right I hit the internet sewing sites got advice and tested them. I am making a journal and including this information in it so I have it handy.

I also learned to clean, oil, and thread my machine. Because of the problems I was having stitching this sampler. What an awesome thing this sampler was to me. I am now sewing smoother and easier.

September 4, 2013 12:18
Matthew P. Waco, TX
Billie, we really appreciate your feedback! It's great to hear that you're finding the course so helpful. Please let us know if you run into any difficulties that we can help with.
September 4, 2013 13:19
Jane Ellen B. Nephi, UT
I have not been able to download the pdf for the apron pattern. When I click on the link nothing happens. Is there another way to access the link for the pattern? Besides that I am really enjoying these sewing classes and have learned so much. Thank you for a great course!
September 3, 2014 13:01
Ben O. Waco, TX
I'm sorry of the trouble, the pattern is in the list of resources now.
September 3, 2014 13:15
Jane Ellen B. Nephi, UT
Thank you!
September 18, 2014 08:47