Woodworking Online Courses FAQ

How many online courses are ready to go? (as of 8-21-2014)

We’ve just launched last month so we have two course online now and the third one will be up by the last week of July. The next three courses will be projects that help you build your skills with the three basic joints–a small dovetail box, a wall shelf, and a walnut occasional table. The Dovetail Box course is now available.

Can I view (and re-view) the courses as often as I like?

Yes! You can view the videos as often as you like, whenever you like, as long as you are a current member. Learn at your own pace!

Do I have to complete the courses in a set amount of time?

No, you can take as long as you wish to complete the courses. Again, learn at your own pace.

How long are the courses?

They will vary in length. The first sharpening course is about 3 hours. The next one will be about the same. Some of them will be substantially longer and some shorter. 3 to 6 hours is probably a good ballpark but some may be 12 or more or only one hour.

Is there a timeline for the courses? What courses are you planning?

We are currently working on our next course which will be online by the 2nd week of July. This one will be another foundational course going into detail on the three basic joints–dovetail, dado, and mortise and tenon. The next month will actually be three projects: dovetail box, arched wall shelf and a small end table–these are the same projects taught in our 6-day foundational course. (As mentioned above, the Dovetail Box course is now available.) The next course will likely be the blanket chest video course. After that we will most likely produce a course on the Brazos Dining armchair followed by a 4-drawer, dovetailed chest of drawers. We don’t have the order of projects nailed down beyond that but will definitely be doing rocking chairs, workbenches, tables and more. We also very much want to hear what our members want to learn and will direct our production accordingly.

How many online courses are expected within the next 12 months?

At least 12. We plan to release at least once a month and sometimes more often.

How responsive will you be?

One of the main goals we’ve pursued with this online format we’ve developed is the interactive Q&A forum underneath each video. We will be monitoring them daily and trying to respond within no more than 24 hours.

Can I upload pictures or videos of my work or of me working for your craftsmen to critique?

Absolutely, we will critique a video of you working. That’s why we set up the Q&A comments section to be able to attach videos and pictures. Just enter your comment or question and then click the “Browse for Attachments” button and upload your video or picture. If you want to post a picture of your finished project, post it under the “Showcase” tab.

Are the online courses full HD quality?

Yes, they are full HD videos. The quality will depend somewhat on the speed of your connection, but if you have any sort of even moderate speed it should be very high quality. Any downloads you purchase will be full HD videos.

Can we download the videos or is it just streaming online?

You can download each individual video to your computer for an added fee, which for members is $5 each ($10 for non-members). Your membership will give you access to view the videos streaming online as many times as you wish as long as you are an active subscriber. One of the key parts of the membership is the Q&A forum attached to each video so users can ask questions of Frank and of each other and we can all learn together. For this to work and be interactive it has to be online. This also helps cut down to some degree on potential piracy. That being said, you will be able to download plans, cut lists etc. as well as download each individual video, as said, for an extra $5 if you want to watch it on an airplane or somewhere that you don’t have internet access. We are also planning to build an app for both computer and tablet (e.g. iPad) that will be an exclusive video player to play the videos offline at no added cost. That is still a little ways out before completion though.

Do you plan to release an entire project series once a month, or will it be more along the lines of, say, a small end table, part of 1 of 6, released in its entirety in 6 months, just as a hypothetical example?

Most often, it will be an entire project released each month. Some larger projects may be spread over 2 months. We don’t see spreading them out much more than that. Some months may not be a project course, but a series of technique-building videos and webinars, but most months will be whole projects.

I have no experience whatsoever in woodworking. Do I need to have had woodworking experience prior to starting these courses?

No, you do not need prior woodworking experience. We start from the foundational skills needed and build from there.

Do I need to have access to a woodworking shop, or can I just work out of my garage?

A garage would work great! All you really need to get started is a place to put your workbench and a little floor space for bigger projects. We know many woodworkers who make their living working out of a garage.

Do you offer college credit for these courses?

At this time we do not offer college credit for our courses.

How do I sign up for the courses?

To get started learning, just click on the “Begin Free Trial” button below which will take you straight to the checkout cart. After submitting your payment info on the checkout page, go to the top righthand side of the menu bar and click on the login icon and check that you are logged in with your username and password.  You will have immediate access to the videos. Your card won’t be charged for 2 days so if you cancel before then, you’ll be charged nothing. You can also buy the course outright by clicking on the “Buy Course” button on the course homepage. With this option, you’ll have permanent access to that specific course but not to any other courses. A monthly subscription is $30 monthly and an annual subscription is $300 annually.