Animal Husbandry

Raising your own chickens for eggs and meat, keeping a dairy goat or cow for milk, using horses or mules to plow and plant your fields—this is a rewarding way to provide to food for your table. Learn the benefits of keeping livestock on the homestead or small farm, along with how to care for them.

  • Raising Poultry

    Poultry, because they are small, relatively inexpensive and easy to start raising, are an excellent way to begin raising livestock on your farm or homestead.

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    Family Cow
    The family cow has an important role on the sustainable homestead in providing dairy products and meat as well as fertilizer. In this class, you’ll learn about breeds, purchasing, equipment, housing, pasture management, health issues and more.


  • Family Goat Class
    Family Goat
    Dairy goats are very practical for the family homestead or the small farm. Because of their size, they work well with children. In this class, you will learn all about dairy goats, from choosing a goat to caring for it using natural methods and milking it. We also cover housing, breeding, kidding and more.
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    Horse Farming

    Draft animals are an important and practical part of the sustainable homestead. In this class, you’ll learn about care of draft horses, and you will get hands-on experience harnessing, leading and driving a team of draft horses.