Advanced Wood Furniture Making Courses

We offer a variety of advanced furniture-making courses. In each of these courses you will further develop your skills as a woodworker as you build a beautiful, heirloom piece—one that can be handed down from generation to generation.

  • Cherry with Curly Maple panel
    Blanket Chest (6-day)
    Make a large blanket chest, 42″ wide by 19″ deep by 20″ tall using dovetails along with mortise-and-tenon and raised-panel construction. The sides and top of the chest are cherry with an optional curly maple panel. The bottom will be solid cedar inside.
  • A brazos arm chair and side chair, in the class you will make an arm chair.
    Brazos Dining Chair (6-day)
    Learn the skills necessary to build many types of dining room chairs, from arm chairs to side chairs.
  • Cherry Brazos Rocker
    Brazos Rocker (12-day)

    Our craftsmen instructors will take you step by step as you build this heirloom quality rocking chair using traditional hand methods.  In this class, we make this chair in cherry. (If you would like to make it in walnut, it will be an additional $160.00.)

  • craftsmanrocker
    Craftsman-Style Rocking Chair (6-day)

    You’ll gain new levels of confidence as you work through each stage of building this heirloom quality, craftsman-style rocking chair. You will learn how to lay out and cut angled tenons, and how to apply leather upholstery for the seat.

  • End table with drawer
    End Table with a Drawer (6-day)

    Learn to make a traditional trestle coffee table from solid walnut or cherry. The table features a dovetailed apron and several mortise-and-tenon joints. The finished table is 24″ wide x 42″ long x 20″ tall. Once you have completed the table, you will have the skills needed to build a dining table in the same style in your own shop.

  • boxwithlidopen
    Fine Keepsake Box Making (4-day)
    Learn to build an heirloom-quality keepsake box in this four-day course. Skills that you will practice in the class include cutting dovetails by hand, mortise-and-tenon frame construction and use of a plow plane. With these skills you will be able to go on to make larger cedar or blanket chests in your own shop.
  • dresser
    Four Drawer Dresser (12-day)
    In this 12-day intensive course, you will learn chest construction, from dovetailing large carcasses to frame and panel construction, as you make a four-drawer dresser from walnut or cherry. You will learn how to cut half-blind dovetails and how to fit drawers to tight tolerances.
  • windsor2
    Windsor Chair Making (6-day)

    In this class, you will learn to make a complete sack-back Windsor chair from a log using traditional hand methods.