Homestead & Garden

A vast majority of Americans no longer have any direct connection with the source of their food nor have the knowledge to produce it themselves. Join the movement to take the provision of our daily bread back into our own hands. Our farmers and gardeners will share with you from their years of experience. They will help you grow nutritious sustenance for you and your family.

  • Animal Husbandry

    Raising your own chickens for eggs and meat, keeping a dairy goat or a dairy cow for milk, cheese and other milk products, using horses or mules to plow and cultivate—this is a rewarding way to provide food for your table.

  • Beekeeping

    Keeping your own bee hive to produce honey is rewarding and exciting, but an even more essential reason to keep bees is for crop pollination. The honeybee is one of the most effective pollinators for your vegetable crops and orchard. Learn how to start and manage your own top bar bee hives for honey production and for crop pollination.

  • Homesteading

    Gain the knowledge and skills that you'll need to establish your own homestead: planning and design, how to evaluate land, organic gardening, orchards, raising chickens and other poultry, raising dairy animals, fencing and much more.

  • Organic Gardening

    As recently as the 1940’s, Americans produced over 50% of their vegetables in their own family gardens. By returning to this pattern, you can have a safer, more nutritious and sustainable supply of food.

  • vinyard
    Orchards, Vineyards and Berries
    Fruits, nuts and berries are an important part of the sustainable homestead. In this class, you will learn about planning an orchard, along with planting, pruning, pest control and harvesting.